www.indomarblecrafts is serving the worldwide dimensional stone industry since 1998 as a neutral platform for buyers and sellers to interact.
All products and services pertaining to the construction stone industry are covered. Materials include granite, marble, travertine, limestone, slate, sandstone, quartzite, alabaster, soapstone, onyx, and even quartz, pumice, perlite, etc. Products include blocks, slabs, tiles, countertops, monuments, and all types of artifacts and landscape products too. Stone industry related products such as tools, abrasives, earthmoving machines, quarrying machines, fabricating machines are well covered also.
FindStone is a wonderful medium to get or give advice, share knowledge and expertise, offer or obtain services and products related to the understanding, design, selection, purchase, installation, use, care repair, and restoration of stone. So take advantage of the expertise and experience of more than 30000 stone industry members worldwide. FindStone is the vision of Vinay Somani, an engineer from the reputed Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay, and an MBA from the prestigious Harvard Business School, USA. He has 20 years experience in the stone industry - from selling Italian machinery and projects, to owning and operating a black granite quarry, to exporting and travelling worldwide in this connection.
Since stone is a natural material and the industry is quite disorganized, Vinay could realize firsthand the frustrations of buyers and sellers. He felt that an unbiased indepth one-stop resource would be of great benefit to stone users and suppliers alike. So he founded this website in 1998. FindStone was funded by Venture Capitalists in 2000 and taken into a new company. The VCs stake was bought over in 2003. FindStone is now fully owned by Vinay. The company is situated in the heart of Bombay’s business district. The road - H. Somani Road - has been named in honor of Vinay's family. Vinay is now more involved in his non-stone business interests. FindStone does not buy, sell, trade, act as commission agent, etc. It is a pure marketplace platform for buyers and sellers to interact with each other. It has an easy, effective, simple, straight-forward system for buyers and sellers to deal with each other on a free or paid basis via different options. 90% of the worldwide stone industry companies are members of FindStone so you can get the best possible business deals for yourself - whether you are a seller or a buyer. You can be assured of complete satisfaction not only because that is FindStone's philosophy but also as FindStone deals only in information and it costs it nothing to ensure that individual buyers or sellers get the desired results.
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